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Ceol Press is a digital and print media company that specializes in music and educational materials. We are musicians and educators with a passion for what we do. We carry quality products from other companies, but create and publish our own products as well. Our current projects include:

  • Ceol: Learning and Teaching Irish Traditional Music
  • TabNotes series: tune notation & tablature for for mandolin/Irish tenor banjo, whistle/flute, and guitar in standard, double D, and DADGAD tunings
  • The Foghlaim series of suggested ornamentation for flute, whistle, and fiddle
  • ePublishing the Nevins & Vaas: Drum, Fife, and Bugle book (1864)
  • Publishing the SciWonder primary school science curriculum
  • The Civil War Bugler iPhone app
  • Music for Classroom Routines collection for preschool
  • General Music Curricula based on American music
  • Boomwhacker arrangements

Contact us today if you have an idea for a future product... or if you already have a curriculum, a lesson, a recording, an idea, or a random brilliant thought. We will work to make it a reality.